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Atanar Technologies can set in cache your main domain or a subdomain for an immediate rendering. You will be supporting any flash crowds without adding hardware on your origin site, we also supports https delivery. The integration is straight forward and simple.

For non cacheable parts of your website we suggest application delivery.

We distribute and integrate main well known CDNs solutions like Akamai, Edgecast, Fastly, Limelight, Quantil (for China,Asia).We help you to choose the CDN which is adapted to your requirements.

They trust us:

For optimum delivery performances, Atanar suggests the Cedexis solution.

WAF / Anti-ddos

Best-in-class site protection

DNS Routing

Cedexis Multi-CDN Solution

CDN Audit

Optimization of existing configurations

We offer an audit with two complementary parts:The CDN chapter looks at how to best take advantage of a CDN in your environmentThe FEO (Front End Optimization) chapter takes a broader view at the performance mix, optimizing users’ perceived performance across the whole stack

Indeed, on average, 80% of the end-user response time is spent on the frontend, after the server has generated the html page itself. At the same time, web users’ have become increasingly impatients, and a few tenth of a second can have measurable impacts on conversion rates, page views…

First, the CDN audit includes:

  • A structural web site analysis (organization, domains, URL forms, resources…)
  • If there is an existing CDN, assess it’s actual results (cache hit & miss…)
  • Look at resources that will be optimized by default through the CDN, or those that will need a rule engine to do so
  • Recommend server side configurations (origin TTL…) so that you could take advantage of a multi-CDN configuration (Cedexis…)
  • If useful, we can advise on CDN choice depending on our analysis and your additional needs (origin protection, network acceleration…)

Second, the FEO audit focuses on identify actionable improvements – the subject remains complex and we know there is no miracle cure.

  • We will be looking at some “quick-wins”, depending on your technical architecture:
  • Making better use of browser caches (HTTP headers…)
  • Optimized resource loading: CSS, JS, favicon…
  • Page weight reduction: gzip, image encoding, fonts…
  • DCO (Dynamic Content Optimization) opportunity

We also apply our Front-End optimization process.

Front End Optimization

According to your technical stack

We will investigate at some more structuring issues, like:

  • Increase cachability (e.g. using Ajax requests)
  • Accommodate third-party scripts from a end-user point of view (Facebook, beacons, tracking…)
  • Protect origin and increase throughput with a proxy-cache (Varnish…)
  • Better resource management (perfect caching, managing versions…)
  • Javascript performance tuning
  • Limit redirects
  • HTML complexity

If useful, we can help your team choosing methodologies for assessing and improving back-end performances.


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