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    CDNetworks is a global content delivery network (CDN) with a fully integrated cloud solution, offering unparalleled speed, security and reliability for the almost instant delivery of web content. CDNetworks accelerates and secures websites and web applications over our strategically built network of global PoPs in both established and emerging markets. We specialise in […]

Atanar Dream Team

Damien Wetzel International expert, famous for his technical know-how and implementation of solutions based on CDNs. With a rich experience of 11 years in this area : he worked 3 years for Akamai, 2 years as technical director for CDN Technologies before to found Atanar Technologies 6 years ago. His activity had him to set up […]

Caching-Application Delivery

Atanar Technologies can set in cache your main domain or a subdomain for an immediate rendering. You will be supporting any flash crowds without adding hardware on your origin site, we also supports ssl traffic. The integration is straight forward and simple. For non cacheable parts of your website we suggest application delivery. We distribute […]

Front End Optimization

  Our CDN/Front End Optimization Audit   We offer an audit with two complementary parts: The CDN chapter looks at how to best take advantage of a CDN in your environment The FEO (Front End Optimization) chapter takes a broader view at the performance mix, optimizing users’ perceived performance across the whole stack   Indeed, […]

Live-Events & VODs

Atanar technologies can propose a one shop solution for your live event over the Internet, it include encoding, satelite reception, flash, iphone, ipad formats. Our solution will handle any big live audience you may forecasting. Atanar works with, SFR, 24hdumans, Arianespace , the European Space agency and many others. Atanar provides also On Demand […]